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Homalocantha species set (91 Views)

This lovely set of 3 specimens are of particularly nice quality for these very distinctive species.

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Cymbiola pulchra coucomorum Bail & Limpus 1998. (67 Views)

74.5 mm, F++. Australia. RARE! Large! Very nice, natural lip with some chips. Not available anymore, old collections only.

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Labyrinthus otis (Lightfoot 1786). (53 Views)

55.0 mm., F++/Gem. Panama. Landsnail with one of the most interesting and elaborate apertures in all of mollusc land!

20 USD0 bids
Nerita peloronta Linnaeus 1758. (56 Views)

20.5-34.7 mm, F++/Gem. Cuba. Color and pattern variations in this species are amazing! Difficult to get these from here.

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Haliotis tuberculata canariensis Nordsieck 1975. (60 Views)

54.1 mm, F++/Gem. Canary Islands. This variety has been placed into synonomy as Haliotis tuberculata Linnaeus 1758 according to WoRMS. I will let the experts decide the name of this lovely specimen. Hardly available.

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Oliva incrassata (Lightfoot 1786). (82 Views)

43.9-71.5 mm, Gem-. Mexico. Size variation set of two, high quality specimens!

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Hesperaptyxis fredbakeri (H. N. Lowe 1935). (55 Views)

47.5 mm, Gem-. Mexico. Seldom offered dredged shell. Great quality!

25 USD0 bids
Nodipecten nodosus (Linnaeus 1758). (21 Views)

47.5 mm, Gem-. Venezuela. Gorgeous young specimen of super quality and rich color!

30 USD0 bids
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