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Mauritia maculifera maculifera (Schilder 1932). (100 Views)

67.3 mm, F++/Gem. Hawaii. Dark and nice! The nominate subspecies from Hawaii.

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Notocypraea declivis dennyorum Lorenz & Morrison 2013. (140 Views)

22.2 mm, Fresh dead. Tasmania. Fresh dead collected, great color and gloss. Recently described subspecies, smaller and darker than the nominate.

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Talostolida pellucens panamensis (Lorenz 2002). (106 Views)

27.8 mm, Gem-. Dark and nice! Note the wide aperture.

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Staphylaea semiplota (Mighels 1845). (100 Views)

16.8 mm, Gem. Hawaii. Big, mature, and beautiful specimen of this endemic species.

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Naria macandrewi f. eguttata Raybaudi 1979. (114 Views)

14.9 mm, Dead. Egypt. Variety with reduced white spotting. This specimen is a young shell and has been polished, which may also explain the color variation. Necessary for the study collection.

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Zoila jeaniana sherylae Raybaudi 1990. (85 Views)

57.5 mm, F+/Gem. Western Australia. Attractive dark dwarf. A few minor sand grains in dorsum is the only thing keeping this from being a full Gem. Perfect terminals, very pretty.

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Barycypraea teulerei (Cazenavette 1846). (86 Views)

36.4-45.9 mm, F+/Gem. Oman. Super set includes a beautiful dark specimen from the new population and a fabulous dwarf from the old days.

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Chelycypraea testudinaria (Linnaeus 1758). (57 Views)

74.5-126.0 mm, Gem-. Philippines. SIZE! Extremely heavy and callused dwarf along with a large specimen demonstrating the extreme size variation within this species. Great quality and nice color patterns.

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Bistolida stolida kwajaleinensis (Martin & Senders 1983). (153 Views)

27.4 mm, Gem. Kwajalein Atoll. Giant specimen! Rare in this size and almost impossible to get these days. Great quality and color pattern!

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