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Duplicaria dussumierii (Kiener 1837). (30 Views)

87.5 mm, Gem-. Okinawa. Large and very nice specimen of this rarely offered Terebra species. Shallow water.

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Terebra babylonia Lamarck 1822. (27 Views)

56.6 mm, F++/Gem. Tonga. Nice specimen of this lovely Terebra species.

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Duplicaria duplicata (Linnaeus 1758). (23 Views)

60.4 mm, Gem-. India. Quite similar to D. dussumierii, but the differences are noticeable upon closer inspection. Unusually nice quality.

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Haliotis scalaris emmae Reeve 1846. (25 Views)

64.7 mm, Gem-. Australia. Unmistakable color pattern in this beautiful species. Nice specimen!

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Chicoreus brevifrons (Lamarck 1822). (21 Views)

94.8 mm, F++/Gem. Cuba. Nice large and exceptional specimen from a hard to get locale. Fantastic color! Live taken with operculum.

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Nannamoria bulbosa Bail & Limpus 2008. (30 Views)

39.8 mm, F+/F++. Australia. Rare deep water species that is seldom available. Smooth but dull surface on the shell, an interesting characteristic present in some of the species in this genus. Slight growth line as seen in the image, still a fantastic

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Conus timorensis Hwass 1792. (15 Views)

35.4 mm, F+/F++. St. Brandon. Rarely offered species! Spire with some growth breaks but shell appears to be live taken. Great opportunity! Beautiful delicate color pattern.

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Marginella sebastiani Marche-Marchad & Rosso 1979. (21 Views)

49.9 mm, Gem-. Senegal. Dark colored specimen of this unique species. Super quality! Goree Island. Trawled at 30-40 meters.

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Oliva porphyria (Linnaeus 1758). (27 Views)

78.7 mm, Gem-. Mexico. Gorgeous color and pattern in this collectors' favorite.

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Hastula penicillata (Hinds 1844). (18 Views)

26.3 mm, Gem-. Easter Island. Beautiful example of this small yet stunning Terebra species.

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Americoliva polpasta polpasta (Duclos 1833). (19 Views)

29.6-30.9 mm, Gem. Mexico. Particularly nice and pretty specimens of this seldom offered spcecies. Set of two.

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Cyphoma signatum Pilsbry & McGinty 1939. (22 Views)

31.8-37.0 mm, Gem-. Haiti. Nice pair of specimens! Not often available.

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