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Cypraea tigris pardalis Shaw 1795. (18 Views)

74.5 mm, F++. Philippines. Rusty colored specimen with minimal issues. Quite a nice shell.

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Lyncina sulcidentata (Gray 1824). (35 Views)

49.8 mm, F++. Hawaii. Large specimen, just shy of 50 mm! Unusually good quality for such a big shell. Hardly available in this size and quality.

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Lyncina lynx f. vanelli (Linnaeus 1758). (57 Views)

68.2-24.9 mm, Gem-. Philippines. Beautiful set of two specimens showing an amazing range in size. Lovely colors and pattern along with outstanding quality!

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Zoila marginata marginata var. (Gaskoin 1849). (53 Views)

55.4 mm, F++. Australia. Sometimes called form "intermedians", this is the true northern species. This is a nice specimen with only minor dorsal issues and animal healed areas on the canals. Not often available as this is a rather rare shel

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Mauritia arabica asiatica f. empressae Kessler 2006. (28 Views)

76.7 mm, Gem. Indonesia. Large and impressive specimen. Best quality available in this beauty! This specimen was collected around the time of the original description by F. Lorenz.

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Cribrarula rottnestensis rottnestensis Lorenz 2002. (14 Views)

30.2 mm, F++/Gem Australia. Big size and pretty color pattern in this specimen. Nice shell! Interesting grainy dorsal surface on labral side.

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Pustularia bistrinotata ginoi Lorenz 2014. (23 Views)

14.9 mm, F+/Gem. New Caledonia. Virtually unobtainable now! Great specimen showing the characteristics of the species. Animal healed extremities but still very nice!

60 USD0 bids
Palmadusta diluculum virginalis Schilder & Schilder 1938. (24 Views)

25.4 mm, Gem-. Tanzania. A superb specimen offered here with a nice comparison specimen of the nominate P. diluculum diluculum (Reeve 1845). A great set for the aesthetic collection.

30 USD0 bids
Naria erosa chlorizans (Melvill 1888). (14 Views)

30.0 mm, Gem. New Caledonia. Beautiful specimen with heavy, mature callused margins. Just starting to exhibit a slight degree of rostration. An outstanding example of this species.

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Cypraeovula fuscodentata grohorum Lorenz 2002. (12 Views)

36.0 mm, Gem. S. Africa. Very pale, faded old specimen. Outstanding quality! Harder to get these.

45 USD0 bids
Cypraeovula edentula nahoonensis Lorenz 1989. (10 Views)

21.7-22.0 mm, Beach. S. Africa. A great looking set of two. Beach collected as usual, but still with fantastic color pattern and some gloss. Good shells!

20 USD0 bids
Erronea rabaulensis Schilder 1964. (20 Views)

18.8-26.0 mm, F++/Gem. Philippines. Nice set of two specimens of this distinct species. Unusually good condition for this shell that is typically flawed. Great size comparison!

40 USD0 bids
Bistolida brevidentata fluctuans (Iredale 1935). (7 Views)

22.7 mm, F+/Gem. Australia. Beautiful specimen with compact blotch.

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Notocypraea comptonii f. casta Schilder & Summers 1963. (12 Views)

22.2 mm, Gem-. Australia. White dorsum with faintly spotted margins. Hard to get these.

65 USD0 bids
Ovatipsa coloba coloba (Melvill 1888). (14 Views)

23.9 mm, Gem-. Thailand. Great color and pattern in this very pretty specimen.

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Leporicypraea mappa mappa f. panerythra (Melvill 1888). (10 Views)

76.4 mm, Gem-. Philippines. Variation with an interesting malleated dorsum. Fantastic specimen!

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Zoila friendii friendii (Gray 1831). (98 Views)

84.2 mm, FAKE. Australia. During my experimentation on shell coloration and manipulation, I created this golden specimen by heating in oil. I have seen similar Zoila specimens offered as real golden specimens, shame, shame... This example turned out

145 USD0 bids
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